What makes the opportunity to build your own unique residence so rewarding? The answer is as personal as the inspiration to create. For some it’s the thrill of shaping a great living experience. Others seek freedom from tired residential conventions. The pleasures of conceptual fit and the resonance between inner life and designed reality can’t be overstated. However you interpret the challenge, this varied and lovely natural setting will reward, with deeply present nature. It’s ordinary household life, offering that rarest of all luxuries – a refuge from the ordinary.

Possible, practical and ready to build 

Kanata Rockeries is a world apart, deeply rooted in practicality. And that means it’s easy for families to conduct daily life here. Beyond the trees, high school is walk-able, just minutes away. Elementary schools are close by too. Commutes to Kanata workplaces are short and swift.

Building here is straightforward too. All properties at Kanata Rockeries are fully serviced, surveyed and ready to build. There are no major barriers to realizing your vision in the present moment.

Ultimately it’s a simple choice: more beauty in life plus more time to enjoy it: the ultimate promise of a superb location.

“We are very proud to call Kanata Rockeries our new home.”

Chris & Erin Phillips

For further information on these unique opportunities or to arrange an on-site assessment, please contact Charlie Sezlik or Erin Phillips. 613-744-6697.