• Freedom of expression

Find the edge of great contemporary design your way. Kanata Rockeries offers a dramatic palette of design opportunities, from dramatic elevation, to reflective water features. And always, natural tree-scapes and unparalleled privacy will inspire.

Nature standing tall

Tall trees, and an undisturbed natural landscape define Kanata Rockeries, creating design opportunities to engage with natural beauty every every day. Shelter, quiet, privacy and personal wellbeing flow from the landscape.

Conservation-minded private road

A private road eliminates standard setbacks and clutter, leaving more standing trees for privacy and beauty. And every turn in this road, and access to each property was planned to maximize privacy and convey a unique sense of arrival.

Elevation and topography

Dramatic elevations and feature-rich topography invite original and exciting residence designs. Each property sets the stage for exuberant innovation and exhilarating space, born to harmonize with nature.

Inspiring community 

Living in a neighbourhood of world-leading custom residences is a community experience like no other. Expect the extraordinary, along with a neighbourly preference for solution-building and ideas. After all, this is the Kanata that takes on world markets and wins. It’s a community of achievement that values the best in life – including great friends and good neighbours.

Features beyond perfection 

Move beyond manicured lawns and tired models of perfection. Here a water feature invites engagement with reflected light. Rugged rock formations call for “build with” solutions. Hillside rock formations dare building up, into and out from. Authenticity is beautiful.

For further information on these unique opportunities or to arrange an on-site assessment, please contact Charlie Sezlik or Erin Phillips. 613-744-6697.